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  • Yazoo County Port Commission

    Yazoo County River Port

    • Yazoo County Port is located in Yazoo County, Mississippi.
    • It serves a market area that includes Issaquena, Sharkey, Yazoo, and Warren Counties.
    • In 2008, the market area had a total population of 84,000, employment of approximately 44,000, and GRP was $2.5 billion.
    • Yazoo County Port supports a variety of industries, including construction, agriculture, and metalfabrication.
    • Since the Port is east of the Mississippi River it also offers service to industries along the Yazoo River and connects them with the Delta Region to the south.

    Yazoo County Port Infrastructure Summary

    • Acreage:  One 27-acre area on the terminal and one 56-acre one half mile from the terminal.  There are an additional 220 acres within 1 mile of the Port
    • Berthing space: 2 Docks
    • Depth alongside facility: 11 foot
    • Cranes and other equipment: T-Dock with 125-ton crane ; MANITOWOC 3900 crane
    • On-site rail infrastructure: Class I RR Carrier; Several Spurs with Sidings onsite
    • Rail Connections: Class 1 connection
    • Rail Service: Canadian National
    • Highway Access: US 49 West; MS Highways 3 and 16; SR-149
    • Logistics Facilities (e.g warehouse, cold storage buildings, etc.) 15,000 sq ft warehouse; one 8 inch pipeline servicing private storage facilities; open bulk; port is run on high threat security level; truck scale 


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